Wth is this trash hero

Excuse me, what the heck is this hero? Do u have wr/usability statistic for Vallen, maybe u are blind or something? 7/10 games in 7k+ trophies are vs Vallen and most of all is horrible to play. U nerfed other heroes spells with improved cd (default cd for spells is 30-35-40 sec) but this lil s**t has 25 sec on Holy Shield (that is still op btw, cuz blocking much more dmg by itself) and 25 sec on Sacred Mallet that’s just annoying cuz he can use like 15-20 skills per game when i can use only 10. Sorry for my bad English, but it’s isn’t worse then this balance.


Problem isn’t shield itself, problem is when shield has for example 5HP and you use spell Ice Rift (2000 Dmg)
That 5 hp of shield absorb all 2000 Dmg and minion under shild has still full HP! Thats crazy :frowning:
Don’t know why it isn’t like 3000Hp +5 Shield point - 2000DMG Ice rift = Minion has 1005 Hp!!

And ab other CD for Vallen it same **** like Nöela :slight_smile:
WTF is Ice Spear with dmg 2000x3 = 6000 to my Gate wit 30 000! 5full spell after 30sec and my gate is down!


They should change cd +5 sec for those 2 skills for Vallen and make shield be like shield not like hit first immortal s**t and if u annoyed about Noella’s arrow make like 50% dmg to the gate


Useless forum i guess, devs answering only when they want to. Nicely done

Give them time :wink: . We will see in the next update if listen or not

Hi 420, thank you for the candid and constructive feedback. We’re having regular re-balancing to keep the gameplay fair and dynamic and we heavily rely on community feedback when doing so. We make sure to go through all comments from our community right away and share with the team, so your feedback has been heard and forwarded to the team. We really appreciate it and please keep it coming!

Happy battling!

Thanks for answering. I hope u will nerf Vallen’s shield and improve cd for some spells for him.

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Screenshots special for u <3

I know. :frowning: You played well bro :slight_smile:

U2 bro, but this hero is op atm anyway