Winning in extratime

I have a quest that requires 20 wins in extra time.
1 - this should not exist as its unfair
2 - to build a deck around this is just unfair because maybe I haven’t leveled up the right heroes for a stall team
3 - being forced to play as I don’t want makes people dislike the game
4 - 20 is not reasonable. Extra time is when everything went wrong, and a game cannot be based on going wrong… Or the game is wrong at its base
5 - this forces you to try to take time also if you already almost won… And this makes you lose. I lost like 23 matches trying to go extra-time. And a game that requires you to forcely lose is an unfair and quickly fading game

There are like infinite reasons to think this is wrong… Like a point loss, a game of not ability in killing the enemy, a game of not strategy (because the strategy is to counter the enemy, not trying to prolong the fight undefinitely)… This is a mess I think. Like almost 95% of people that have this mission (20 regular fights won in extratime) will not do it.
Please change it now. So everyone can have the chance and the game can just be fair to everyone.
Thank you guys, keep the game great.

Winning in overtime is a little complicated. I like it that there is reward for that. It will definitely happen at some points as we play. But i thing 20 is too many.
Winning on overtime gives you half trophies and i think that’ s fair. Why shiuld we be rewarded with usual trophies, pushing as higher on rank and encounter stronger, nore difficult battles? But on the other hand, we tried harder than usual. Why not to get reward for that?
Winning overtime is a good thing that exists as reward, but 20 i think are too many

The problem is not that is a trophy: the problem is that if you don’t complete that mission you cannot complete the 28-days quests.
And 28 days to achieve 20 of them is totally unfair.
Extratime is fair as it is. But is not an achievement, is like everything went wrong.
Asking us to do it for purpose… Well, that is totally opposite to the game-fairness-spirit.