Whole team banned

Hey there. I’m (ง’-’)ง Καριόλης from Greek Legion INT. We have 3 regular guilds (Greek Legion, Greek Legion 2, and Greek Legion INT) and a special guild just for the spider event (Spider Guild GR)

When the spider event starts, the players who want to participate, gather in Spider Guild GR and when the event finishes we return to our original guilds. We are doing this so we don’t have to beg other teammates to participate in a team event that has no interest in them and because not every time the same 30 of us can participate always, for various reasons

In last event, after we gatherd in Spider Guild GR, a player joined Greek Legion 2 and probably cheated. A player took this photo

And someone else mentioned that he had only 7m damage. The members left in the other guilds have no interest for the event. It’s obvious that the cheater joined a random team just to test his cheats, but all other members were banned too

Is there any way to keep only the cheater with the wierd name banned and restore the accounts of other players?


Nordeus, youre radical measures amazes me more day by day. Why i say that? Its not fair for 30 people more or less to get BANNED because, if i understand correctly , one( 1 ) individual try to hack or at this point even succeded. Its not fair for those 30 people that your game leacks with vulnerabilities. Its not fair for the people who play honest…spend money…then get BANNED for one individual, who maybe, at this point has done this on purpose so the whole guild would suffer. Youre measures are radical…thats the nicest i could have put it.

That being said, i for one will delete this game ( im level 11 by the way…spent a couple of thousand of euros in your game … but thats it ). Keep taking measures like this and im pretty sure more will follow to delete.

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Hi Kariolis,

Thank you for this info. As Noella wrote in the other thread, we are investigating after noticing suspicious activity in the raid, and the investigation can take a period of time. We will update you in PM as we know more.

Best regards,


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Everything is fine now. Thanks…!

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