What’s New In This Update - Guide For Heroes

Hey Heroes,

The biggest update ever has arrived, and we want to give our Heroes a more in-depth look at how things have changed.

This is a massive update, one that touches many elements of the game in a lot of ways, and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible to keep your battles and destruction rolling.

What we’ll cover in this guide: your existing progression, the new Campaign Mode, Chests, the map, resources and season changes.

Let’s go!

Battle Arenas

The first thing you’ll notice is that main screen has changed considerably - this is Eldonia!

As we’ve added a lot more features and modes to the game, we needed a way to present it all and give our Heroes a more comprehensive view of what’s happening in the Heroic Universe and when

Battles now occur in Battle Arenas, which you can always find here.

Live Events and different modes will be available regularly and can be found around the World Map on their specific icons.

The Tower of Ascension is right in the middle and will be where Minion Ascensions occur. What’s this?

New Season Type

With the Tower of Ascension comes a new 4-week season type in which you’ll climb through Tiers and unlock prizes. It’s replacing the current League season type, in that it will involve promotion and demotion as you compete each week in what are called Gauntlets. Each Gauntlet will also feature a Boost to different Minions by their World each week, with the 4th week being all Minions receiving a boost.

Your Tier and Rank is determined by the amount of Glory you earn - a new type of resource that will be put towards ascending your Minions.

Minion Ascensions are a real mark of skill - they come from winning only. They will not be available to acquire in any other way, so ascending your Minions will be a completely new means of showing off your domination within the Arena. Each season, your Ascensions reset and the Minions available for ascension within the Tower change, opening up new strategies and opportunities to further explore different combinations and decks in following seasons.

Your progression and how it’s mapped

All of the Minions, Spells, Levels and resources you’ve racked up in the current Heroic have been mapped. Everything you have collected and leveled up so far is here waiting for you. You’ll even get to re-claim Rune & Gold rewards on your Battle Arena Milestones. You’ll have the same deck strength, but with an added option to increase it through Equipment and Artifacts, found in PvE modes. More on that below.

Campaign Mode and how to use it

This new version of Heroic introduces a Campaign mode, where you’ll be able to learn all about the backstory behind your favorite Heroes. This is where Heroes are unlocked and leveled up to a point - other PvE features like Boss Raid will still be the main opportunities for that. Hero Shards have been replaced with Minion cards in PvP Chests, and are now available only through battling in PvE modes and events.

Also introduced in the Campaign mode will be Equipment and Artifacts, which will help you on your journey in PvE and PvP respectively.

Equipment earned is Hero-specific, and can bring a range of boosts like Portal Health, Minion Power, Spell power and more. Leveling up these items will increase their primary stats and add secondary stats for even more benefits.

Artifacts give boosts on a smaller scale than Equipment, but are still important deck additions as they can boost specific Minions, Spells or certain stats.

Find Equipment or Artifacts you don’t need? You can shatter them for Forging Dust. We’ll cover that later.

New Resources

The new update will introduce a host of new resources which will be important along your journey every season:

Glory: Glory is the most important of the new resource types. Glory is collected from winning - that’s it! From every battle to participating in events, Glory will be put towards ascending your Minions and will be a huge help to you each season.

Candles: Candles are used to play Campaign levels. You can stash these over time, but there is a cap, so be sure to use them regularly.

Orbs: If you’d just like to auto-complete a Campaign level, you can spend an Orb! Use them wisely to reclaim rewards and gather resources you’re missing, and make your collection even more powerful.

Dust: Dust is a new resource that you’ll use to level up your equipment and artifacts. Dust is earned by shattering Equipment and Artifacts that you win from PvE events, but that you’d like to sacrifice.

Event Tokens: Event Tokens are a currency earned from participating in PvP events throughout a season. These will be put towards rewards in the new event shop called Merchants, where you will be able to put them towards many different rewards, from Mythic Minions to Legendaries and more. These are tied to seasons as well, and reset at the end of each 28-day cycle, so be sure to put them to good use! The name will also change each season - they’re called Phoenix Tokens for the first!

More Social

We’ve added new ways for you to recruit for your Guilds and connect with other Heroes via Global and Local chat. You’ll also be able to add in-game friends and chat with them via individual chats.