Weak minions (and why)

Shield bearer is one of the weakest. Reflector for 3 is on a sweeter mana spot, has more hp/mana and a nice ability.

Charger should be good vs ranged (and meele with low hp and high attack) but has too little health. It also sucks in every other situation.

Stone elemental has less hp than warlord even though it should be more of a tank, it’s even a lot slower. Overlord also has more hp and an ability that spawns many small minions, meaning it has use when you need a strong minion as well as when you need many weak ones. Stone elemental is simply outclassed and what he offers is too little to compensate (i.e. It needs more hp so it can tank properly).

Phase assassin has a nice ability but it dies easily to mobs and creatures that can survive one hit. Not really acceptable at 6 mana. Maybe if it cost 4 and had just enough strenght to kill silver archer and a bit less hp than now?

Devourer is expensive AND easy to kill since it has low hp. Doesn’t have much damage either and now that the cheaper viper is good there’s no reason to use this card. Sure, viper dies when killing the big guys but at least it’s cheap; devourer is expensive and will die without even necessarily managing to kill the big enemy.

Brute simply doesn’t offer enough for the cost.

Water elemental isn’t really used. Probably because frost imp generally does a better job even if it’s a bit more expensive? Regardless it seems like it doesn’t do enough for any deck to use it.

Fire imp should be able to kill skeletons up to 1 level higher in my opinion.


U r right, bro. But nobody gives a f**k :wink:

Hi Ractazar, thanks for taking the time to write and share this amazing and constructive feedback! We’ll make sure it reaches the devs as Minion re-balancing is something we’re performing regularly. We’re relying both on your feedback and data when making re-balancing decisions, so we highly appreciate your suggestions that help us go into the right direction! :raised_hands:
Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts!