We need more events

I think the current events that rotate through are good, mostly well balanced, and they last long enough to get some good progress in them and purchase things from the event shop

But there just isn’t enough. We’ve got Capture the Flag, Last Hero Standing, and Colossus, right? And that’s it? Like I said, they’re good, but I’m becoming tired of them. I need something new, at least something to help space them out some more. I’d really like to see more that add some variety to the game, because otherwise, we’re just doing the standard arena or story mode, and I prefer playing with real people over the computer

Just some ideas to throw out there…

Luck of the Draw: you do not choose a deck. Instead, ANY card you own can end up in your hand, at whatever level it is, whether it’s ascended or not, and however many power ups it’s had. The only condition is you actually own the card

Pure Vanilla: your hero, all cards, and all spells are set to their initial levels with no power ups. So level 1 commons, level 3 rares, level 5 epics, level 9 legendaries, and level 7 mythics. Not sure about player level, but maybe just set it so everyone’s portal has 25,000 HP or something?

Magic Mayhem: at random intervals, spells from any of the five heroes go off in a random lane. Maybe you get lucky and a group of your minions end up giant or healed. Maybe you get unlucky and a hammer or meteor falls right on your minions. Anything could happen!

Just some ideas off the top of my head. Please understand, I offer my criticism and suggestions not out of anger or to complain, but because I love this game, and want it to prosper. I think introducing some new events with new mechanics would be a great way to add more longevity and increase player interest even more

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