Vindur Effectiveness

To be honest, I’m having a hard time figuring out what Vindur is supposed to be good for. He loses to single melee units like Valkyrie or Blade Dancer, and Undead Hordes or Ravenous Scourges kill him before his special ability charges. When he does live long enough to use his special ability it’s visually cool but in gameplay effects it’s underwhelming.

Now, to be fair, I’ve only got him at level 8, and most of the minions he faces are around level 10. However, Sumrak and Oba do just fine, and they’re both level 8 as well. Seems like Vindur either needs to be cheaper, say 3 mana, or he needs a significant health boost so that he’ll actually live long enough to use his ability. The ability could maybe use a slight buff as well, maybe a bit longer stun, but it might not be necessary if he had more health.

So, Devs/other players, is there an angle I’m missing?


I totally agree with you. He’s a real trash. The special effects are poor. It will take a long time to release. It wastes normal attack time and seems useless. I spent a lot of money. It’s level 10, but it’s still bad. He really doesn’t deserve to be a legend. Because there are not many people now, there are not many complaints. I hope developers can pay attention to it and modify its mechanism earlier, otherwise no one will pay for it,

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