Very important BUG ABUSE

The commander boosted, increasing the speed for all units at +2 is a pure cancer. Thats why every lazy player is using it.
not only its totally op, but moreover the speed boost remains AFTER the commander dies. Its a pure bug abuse.
So PLEASE, now its the second season in a row the commander is in the ascension, and time is REALLY LONG. Its extremely urgent to fix this bug, because 80% of the players are spamming this cancer unit.

Use a pixie lol

I love when they line them up for me cause it’s an easy win, not sure what your problem is

Just read my message. But can you read?

You said it’s overpowered and it’s not if you are even a little good.

Apparently you aren’t but if you are getting beat by that then you’re probably getting beat by anything.

And tell us this, if both players are using that strategy then who wins?

Since you claim everyone is using it.

You will notice the top competitors don’t use it because anyone with half a brain can counter it.

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