Upgrade game for all the people who are putting money in this game

We need new minions or guild wars. Guild vs guild or new heroes. Everyone puts all kinds of money in this game. We need y’all to do something for us. Thanks

People wouldn’t be spending money on it if they didn’t like what is already here lol.

I think the game is fine as it is. Unless you are easily winning every match right now then why do you need more minions?

That would just clutter up the field. It’s a competitive game not an RPG. It’s like asking a football game to add more players on the field.

Yeah but they could put a new hero in here or make a new event like were the guilds could battle each other. Something like that. And I know it’s not RPG game. It’s just I’ve played it for two years now and would like to see the game come up a little more and I’m not the only one who feels this way

So they add another hero then you are back here in a week whining for it to be upgraded again. They released two new heroes last year so that’s one every six months which is fine.

This is a strategy game not a Pokeman collection game. Too many useless heroes and it will ruin anything strategic in this game. It will end up being a paper, rock, scissors game with luck determining the winner and nobody wants to play that.

You should master all the strategies available now before saying you want more simply because you are bored.