Update 1.9.0 Live NOW - New feature - QUESTS!

Hello Heroes!

Exciting day - QUESTS have arrived to the Heroic Universe! Complete Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests to claim awesome rewards! Head over to the Store to get the latest update.

Quests add another layer to the rewards and challenges by rewarding different aspects of your activity in the game. Read on for more info! :slight_smile:

Quest Chest:

  • By completing daily, weekly and monthly quests you get awesome rewards and collect Quest Tokens that fill up your Quest Chests. Once the Quest Chest has been filled, you can open it for more awesome rewards. It resets as soon as you open it and you can continue filling it up.

There are three types of quests:

  • Daily quests
  • 7-day quests
  • 28-days quests

Daily quests grant you basic runes and Quest Tokens that fill up the Quest Chest.
Complete them all to claim the ultimate 4th Daily quest that gives you a random Rare card.

Note: Two of three quests are fixed, one rotates on a daily basis.

7-day quests grant you basic runes and Quest Tokens that fill up the Quest Chest.
Complete them all to claim the ultimate 4th weekly quest that gives you a random Epic card.

Note: These weekly quests reset every 7 days.

28-days quests grant you great rewards through chests you get to claim after completing each and Quest Tokens that fill up the Quest Chest.
Complete them all to claim the ultimate 4th monthly quest that gives you a random Legendary card.

Note: These monthly quests reset every 28 days.

Completed Quests add Quest Tokens to your current Quest Chest total. The same amount is also added into your Token Stash. You can unlock the Token Stash by purchasing the Golden Pass. This pass means instantly unlocking all Quest Tokens you have stashed in your Tokens Stash, as well as getting a boost of 2x Quest Tokens per completed quest.

Quests examples:

  • Daily quest example: Power up Minion once
  • Weekly quest example: Complete all daily quests
  • Monthly quest example: Win 8 battles in a row

As a result of including quest rewards, we’ve revised the basic rune requirements (Void, Realm and Arcana runes) and tweaked them according to the runes quantity given through quests.

Note: Rewards from quests (runes, chests, etc) are based on the Arena. Just like for other rewards in the game, the higher the Arena you’re in is, the greater the rewards are.
Quests are available upon completing tutorial.

This is a brand new feature so we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Share your feedback and suggestions here or hop on our Discord server! :slight_smile:

Comments from the Game Design team:

The main focus of this patch was delivery of new content, as well as paving ground for future content. Apart from quests, we focused on Mythic minions (yes, there are more of them coming soon in the upcoming events!). You can read more on what changed in regards to that below.

Lord Sumrak

  • Number of attacks needed for full charge: 2 → 3
  • Now charges his power bar when attacking the enemy portal.
  • Now uses his special ability as soon as his power bar is charged, even if there are no enemies in lane.
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Lord Sumrak’s special ability is quite a powerful one, rivaling even some Spells. While we like it that way, we felt it being able to be used after only 2 hits was too often. Originally, we thought that him being a melee minion with average movement speed, combined with the fact his ability needs hits to power up offered plenty of room for outplay with stuns and ranged Minions. Still, his tankiness made even that difficult, making him quite oppressive when a proper counter was not available. We want his ability to feel powerful as that is what ultimately makes him so awesome, but it should happen less often.

Two other important changes are in regards to the way his special ability works (and how some future mythic minion abilities will work in general):
First, he previously wasn’t filling his bar when attacking the portal. We felt that combined with the nature of his ability, this would have made him very hard to come back from. As we were developing the way Mythic Minions worked, we realized that allowing them to fill against the Portal would expand our design space in allowing for more aggressive Mythic Minions, rather than just slow-building ones. We wanted to keep them consistent across the board so we decided Lord Sumrak should be a part of this change as well. Also, this felt more natural overall.

The second part of the change was in when he uses his ability. Originally it was conceived as a special attack he uses against legal targets - which in case of his ability was any target in the lane. This meant he wouldn’t spend his ability while there are no enemies. After we changed charging on Portal, it only made sense that he would start using his ability as soon as it was ready, to make it easier to outplay him in general especially when he is up against your gate.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the card draw animation and card burned animation
  • Fixed the animation bug for Victory chests after winning event battles