Update 1.7.0 - Available Now!

Hi Heroes!

We have an exciting week ahead of us!

With this release, we’re bringing support for an all-new event that will start soon: Last Hero Standing! Sweat it out against 7 other Heroes in action-packed rounds to see who can outlast the competition. Even better - there’s a powerful Mythic Minion waiting as an event-exclusive reward! Keep an eye on our channels for more info soon!


This release has several re-balance changes.

For re-balancing changes and details, check out this post.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing occasional game freezes
  • Fixed a bug where two Colossi meet and only one dies if the other one gets stunned while channeling
  • Fixed a bug related to Colossus that was causing a random ally Minion to become completely untargetable and unable to attack
  • Fixed a bug with Hammer of the Gods where Minions were killed by its tail
  • Fixed a bug with Pixie not putting Colossus to sleep in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug with sound effects of special abilities from Arena 8 Minions that weren’t getting muted
  • Fixed some UI bugs