Update 1.5.1 - Available NOW!

Hi Heroes,

We’ll have a new force update available today for both iOS and Android. Please see below for full change logs:

  1. Boss Raid coming soon!
  2. Matchmaking improvements
  3. Minions and Spells re-balancing
  4. Technical updates, UI improvements and bugs fixes

1)This release brings support for the new Boss Raid! Take on Azahul the Spider Queen in both solo and guild raid events beginning on Thursday, July 25th!

Stay tuned to our social channels for more info soon!

2)Matchmaking improvements - We’ve made tweaks to matchmaking to ensure a more competitive and fair arena for all Heroes.

3)Minions and Spells re-balancing
All damage/health numbers are based on initial base values


  • Attack Damage: 130 > 150
  • Health: 1040 > 1195

Ravenous Scourge

  • Attack Damage: 180 > 120
  • Health: 90 > 85
  • Attacking sequence synced

Fire Imp

  • Special Effect Damage: 300 > 220

Ice Spears

  • Cooldown: 25 > 30
  • Damage: 630 > 550 (per spear)

Ice Rift

  • Cooldown: 25 > 35
  • Starting Cooldown: 15 > 20

Crowd control effects optimized - stun/freeze/sleep will cancel the ongoing effects and interrupt channels (i.e. Revenous Scourge will not duplicate if he’s stunned by Sacred Mallet, Fire Witch won’t channel the meteor shower, etc)

From now on, Minions belong to one of three Worlds (Arcana, Realm, Void), not Classes.

4)Technical updates, UI improvements and bugs fixes

  • In-game recording feature will be disabled temporarily until we find a better technical solution for it. In the meantime, any third-party or native recording system can be used to record battles.

  • Added back button missing from Players Profile dashboard when accessed from guild section.

  • Added exit button in battle replay.

  • Amended incorrectly shown difference between levels for:
    Anubis and his Skeletons
    Undead Warlord and his Skeletons
    Stone Elemental and his smaller versions

  • Adding emojis and flags to guild names was causing occasional crashes, so we’ve disabled that option.

Lastly, the legend says that nothing can remove Pixie’s sleep dust. But is that true? :thinking: Let us know if you’ve found a counter!