Update 1.1.1 - Now Live!

Hey guys,

We’ve just released update 1.1.1 and with it comes the return of Azuhul!

This time around, you’ll be wielding Noëlla’s devasting powers as you take on the Spider Queen herself in our Raid feature.

Changes -

  • Free Solo Torches timer from 12h -> 3h

We decided to decrease the timer for free Torches so you’d get more Torches and less waiting!

As always, timing and coordination are the keys to defeating the Queen and her Broodlings.

If you want to read more about Azuhul’s adventure, click here.

The Solo event starts on April 26th and the Guild event on April 27th. The event lasts until Monday, April 29th.

Other changes:

  • Mega Runes in legendary arena milestones are reduced from 100 -> 10.
  • Bug Fixes

Question: Do torches stack??

That will prove to be quite useful. You do work/home chours and when start game stacked torches awaits for whole guild.
Or guild agrees on 18:00 CET time zone to start…and all guild stacks and blasts.