Update 1.1.0 - Now Live!

Hey guys,

With our new release today of milestones, we aim to give you a much more practical way of getting Heroes. With that in mind, we also took another look at Hero balancing to make your decisions for picking Heroes more interesting and strategic. We felt that “One Hero to Ruul them all” punished all the players who wanted to experiment with new Heroes, as Ruul was just too useful in many situations. With this patch, we hope that other Heroes will show you how powerful they can be.

We’ve also introduced a brand new feature. Read more about it below!

See you in battle-

Heroic team

Milestones - You can access them by clicking on your trophies. You’ll be able to see what rewards you get once you hit a certain amount of trophies! Make sure to claim previous reward milestones that you’ve already surpassed.

Solo and Guild Raids - Take on Azuhul and her horde of Spider Minions in this all new Raid feature. Alay’na lends us her strength to stop this foul being. Start preparing as it starts on April 11th!

Solo Raids – Unlock Alay’na to prepare and hone your skills in Solo Raids. Earn Guild Torches by reaching Solo milestones and then enter the cave of Azuhul in Guild Raids.

Guild Raids – Team up with your guild and take on Azuhul herself to reap awesome rewards. Timing and coordination are the key to defeating the Spider Queen.

Balance Changes to Heroes and Spells:


Scorched Earth:

Rarity: common-> rare

Lvl 1 damage: 1320 -> 700

Meteor strike:

Rarity: rare -> common

Lvl 1 damage: 1280 -> 950

Prey On:

Rarity: legendary -> epic

Terrin Rhii:

Healing Wave:

Cooldown: 40s -> 25s

Healing time: 3s -> 2s

Chain Lightning:

Damage: 1200 -> 1450

Rhii’s Power:

Mana reduction: 2 -> 3


Damage: 2880 -> 2010

Damage stat changed from “Total damage” to “Damage per tremor”.


Added stun duration : 1.5 seconds


Ice Spears:

Damage per projectile: 426 -> 700

Frozen Heart:

Health of ice obstacle: 240 -> 400

Freezing wind:

Starting duration: 5 sec -> 6 sec



Cooldown: 40s -> 35s

Health: 1600 -> 2400

Giant Growth:

Buff to damage and health: 20% -> 35 %

Soaring Eagle:

Splash damage: 50% -> 150%

Evolution 1 and 2 have been swapped.

Rhino Charge:

Stun time upgrade per level: 20% -> 5%

Increased damage of evolution.

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