Unfair gameplay

absolutelly unfair game…disgusting
always stronger enemies

nothin just a money maker p2w game

How do you expect them to earn money? Do you think this game runs for free lol?

Earning money is one thing, but when you realize its absolutely impossible to get a hero 9 without paying hundreds of dollars is another thing. This is just totally insane. Who can wait for 2 and a half years to get only ONE HERO 9? 2 and a half years being hardly bashed… And i am just talking about that, i am not mentioning bug abuse, lack of serious patches, unit levels…

These games use that business model. You can try it for free but to advance you need to pay.

For the cost of a new game you can reach end game if you spend smartly. This business model is great because you can try the full game for free but expecting to compete with people that actually support the game is just ridiculous.

Do you whine that you can’t play the new call of duty for free? Do you whine that you can’t play the new madden for free? Are they pay to win……yep because you have to pay for it.

And I’ve spent thousands on this game and it doesn’t guarantee a win every time at all but it does allow you full access to the game.

Why people like you expect stuff for free is just laughable.