Unfair competition Last Man Standing

Hi, I am seeing that the first place on the Last man standing, have a lot of less trhopies than they usually have. For instance, the first place is in 2000+ but its max score is 4000+ and I saw in her profile, too many matches that in the last matches he lets himself be defeated to lose trhopies. This happen with the first place on my league, they are fightining with people that ghave the middle of his power deck. So unfair, you have to do something about this, the matchmaking have to work with power deck, not by thropies, or another solution to avoid this people.
I am losing my time fightining with people of my same lvl 4000+ and these people are fighitning with people with the middle of his power deck and real trhopies.

I am seeing a lot of people on top 50 of last mas standing doing this. It’s disgusting.

Completelly fake this event, epic FAIL. Everybody fightning in leagues much more lower that they are. Unfair to all player that play legit. Admins need to do something.

@Miathan this is what I’ve told u before about strong players losing intentionally

Can any admin say something about this? even for future events? I think this is a very critical problem, there is a lot of people doing this, in fact, most of the top 50.

I had difficulties with LHS. Sometimes i barely reached 20 tokens. Most of time i finished 1-2. Sisnt have much time to play. Ended top10 my league which is nice. Also there is bug with life remained. I dont know how they dobt remove after my loss. Can anyone explain?

Hi ProKo, thanks for starting this thread.
The integrity of the competition is at the forefront of our thinking, so thank you for flagging this up. We’ve already introduced some adjustments to the matchmaking system to accommodate to these occurrences and will continue to do so to keep the battling in this event fair and competitive. We’ve forwarded your report to the team.
Have a nice day,

Thanks you for the answer, I hope you find a solution for future events. I really like this game.