Turorial error - battle Arenas

Hello, I have a problem with the tutorial. I signed up after a year and I can’t play Battle arena. It tells me to follow the tutorial instructions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me any instructions. Has it happened to you already?

I have the Same Problem

Hi there!

I see there are some unclaimed rewards in your Battle Arenas. Could you try locating and claiming Hero shard rewards from the Battle Arena milestones? If that doesn’t work, please send me in a private message your user IDs located in Profile - Settings - User ID so we can look into this further. I’m sorry about the inconvenience.


sorry but the problem persists!
As soon as I enter the arena, the Game hangs up!

User ID

Look at the attachment

Bohužel nevím jak poslat soukromou zprávu, můžu vám to ID napsat sem?

I have the same problem! What to do?

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Hi Sunprox,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Please try logging in now and let me know whether you’re able to enter a battle.

Cheers and happy New Year,

Now it works again! Thanks

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Hi, I have the same problem. Wondering if anyone can help. Thanks

Username: StuckInOblivion
UserID: 2rrvtiiy1n