Хочу вернуть свой аккаунт

Здравствуйте. Я купил новый телефон, доступ к старому потерял, не могу вернуть свой аккаунт. Привязывал игру к Google и Facebook. Все данные, включая чеки покупок могу предоставить.

I’m sorry friend but I don’t understand you, you could translate it at least, I advise you to copy the text and paste it into the translator

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Hello. I bought a new phone, but I don’t have access to the old one. Linked the game to Google and Facebook. How do I get my game back?

if you use Android the most convenient thing is to have the data in the cloud with Google Play games and thus you will never lose your data of course you will always have usame the same Google account

My game is saved in Facebook. How do I log in to my game?

When you start the game you go to settings and connect

I click link to Facebook, an error appears, “this account is already being used by another device”

Well, that is already a Facebook problem, you have to enter the Facebook settings and update it

The problem is in your game!!! How should I log in to my game via Facebook if this is not possible. The game has a connect button, clicking on it as if I want to link the current game to Facebook. But there is an error, because the game is already linked to this email…

Hi Alfref! Connection with Facebook is there only for social purposes (friends list), but from what I can tell you’re old account is connected to a different Google Play account, so you should be able to easily recover it. If you don’t need access to the current account you’re logged in to, please reinstall the app and make sure you have the correct Google Play Games account selected before you log in.
If that doesn’t load your old progress back, let me know and will assist you further.
Thanks and have a nice weekend ahead!

So I already tried to do initially. I logged in to my account fredygayano@gmail.com, my progress is not saved there… I also made purchases in the game, was a member of the clan… Please help me, I really liked the game, I have no desire to play again.

Thanks for that info Alfref. No worries, I’ll share the request with our devs and help you restore your old progress in a different way.
As soon as I have an update I’ll share more in a direct message.
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Thank you very much for your desire to help. I’m very happy to do business with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Alfred, I can’t help you with respect to Facebook because I don’t have one, but I can tell you to always use the same Google account and never lose your progress.

Good afternoon. No news yet about restoring my account?

Hello. Have you forgotten about me? I’m still waiting for help to restore my account

Hi Alfref, sorry for keeping you waiting. I’m still waiting for an update from the team on your request. As soon as I have it I’ll get back to you. Thanks for your patience!
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I restored my account, Thank you very much. The problem was with me, I specified the wrong email when logging in to the game

Really glad to hear that and see you managed to log back in! Sorry for the delay and thanks for letting me know. Happy battling!
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