Top 2 in Last Man Standing Heavily Dropped Trophies

The global top two in the Last Man Standing event gamed the system pretty hard.

1st place - Has max 5415 trophies (6767 wins), but during the even shed all the way down to 1753 and was ion Necropolis arena, while still being in Heroic league. He plays level 11-12 minions.

2nd place - Has max 3179 trophies (1168 wins), but during the even shed all the way down to 1489 in Sky Palace and playing in Diamond League.

This is really cheap. I can understand basing matches on current trophies for the first 1000 tokens, because sometimes people get way ahead of their card and skill level, but after that 1000 where you received the card award, the matching should be based on something to make finishing top more competitive. I would base it on a mix of token count and max trophies. You really do want those competing for top spot to be playing each other, not the top two spots essentially getting free tokens .

There is no reward for finishing the event first or last place, and the chests you win are based on the arena you are currently, so i dont really see the big issue here.

Really? I was under the impression the final standing mattered. The rules clearly state: “The better your final standing the higher the reward they’ll give you.”

Ich finde es warn einfach zu viele tokens benötigt
Da mach ich nicht mit

I think thats just a way of saying the more tokens you get the higher the rewards.

Then why would people play so far past 1000? Shrug. If that’s the case, then I don’t care nearly as much.

For fun or ego i guess, when there are rewards for leaderboard you can see a chest on the side depending on the place you are.