Too much animation for revealing equipment cards after campaign level victory

The animation to reveal each equipment card after victory in campaign level is too lengthy (considering all the cards together), specially in last book.
I have completed the books, and now farming on one of the level. But it’s very painful to wait for all the cards to reveal one by one because of the animation. Even if I tap repeatedly to quicken the process, it feels never ending. And I have to go through this process too many times in a day, every day. It’s frustrating.

Can you please change this animation to reveal all cards at once if tapped on screen (just like Ferrum cards animation)?


I definitely agree that the animation takes forever. Would be nice if we could turn off in our settings. Rewards are still WAY too small for what you need for upgrades. You get a couple hundred, but need 200,000 to upgrade! That will take forever. It makes this Pay to play and then Pay to upgrade. I know several people who quit because of this.

The animation for card turning in the campaign mode could be faster indeed, or even better, instant

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I can’t agree more. Too bad you can’t toggle those animations on and off. After a couple years they’re annoying

You can tap and skip the animation

problem is you have to tap multiple times for each animation