the same legendary cards are always found

another legendary card the same but you why don’t you try the new cards so you try new decks if you always find the same cards lose the taste to continue.

You can’t even get some “lower level” legends. Just mostly ones you already have. Unless by some miracle you can purchase one

then this game is impossible to find the new legendaries?

i agree with you guys.
After the big update i found like 10 legendary cards, so i can say that the drop rate seems to be good enough.
But just 1 of these cards was new.

for example i have a guild mate that found 7 legendary cards since he started the game, 4 trinity and 3 assassins. another one has 4/12 after 3 months of playing with 2 or 3 per type.

So yesterday i spent 9000 gems to buy the pack “Enter the Void” that gives you some chests and resources and a void legendary card.
I have only 1 of the 4 void legendary cards (punisher), so i bought this pack almost sure to get 1 of the 3 void legendary cards missing (soul leech, bloodstalker and hellfiend)… the rate to find a new card in this case would be 75% right? ok, i found the 4th Punisher obviusly…

i like the legendary cards drop rate, i think it’s high and i like it. i accept that the game give you more easily cards that you already own. But in this case even if i spent 9000 gems i probably couldn’t get a new one.

Wich are now the ways to find a new card so?

  1. Spider solo event --> just 3 or 4 people in the world are getting the legendary card; (so for 99% of players this event is impossibile to finish)
  2. Spider guild event --> in last event in my guild we spent a lot of gems (so real money) to bless our powers. It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat lvl 27 spider. And the legendary card reward was on lvl 30. Less than 10 guilds finished that spider. so we got only 2 magic constructs after we spent A LOT OF EURO.
  3. Phoenix token --> it seems the only way to get a new legendary card. But how to farm phoenix tokens? you need to reach 12000 tokens… it’s almost impossible to get 12k tokens without spend a lot of gems to buy chests that give you those tokens.

I think that this drop rate system need a change.

  1. give us the possibility to find every legendary from chests (like as it was before update?), maybe with a lower drop rate.
  2. give us the possibility to finish those spiders easier.
  3. give us the possibility to farm more phoenix tokens to buy that 12k legendary.

Just one of these 3 points should be enough.

do something please because i love this game <3

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Money is earned by all those who with patience and fine observation go after those who lose it.

I am in 100% agreement with this. I have posted on another link but in summary spider event to gain access to that legend is way too hard. Alot of my guild members are loosing interest and hence will stop playing the game and in essence stop whatever income they bring into the game. Developers need to look into this.

I agree on everything you see many have the same problem. this game is very nice and it is a game that i will play a lot more, but they must also give some satisfaction to the players if the new legendary cards are impossible to find it would lose the taste to continue playing.