The last hero standing bug

Hello all…i have some bugs and they started first with broken timer for next opponent (-1596 seconds)…then i lost 2 lives for nothing…I won the first game and then timer froze on 15s and then after maybe 10s delay,there was a notification : You were defeated - collect 0 tokens.

Can it be fixed ? It’s killing me literally :smiley:

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I have the same Problem. But i can play the first and second game. But then it does not count

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Thanks for reaching out and reporting this, KizaNoSleep. We are aware of the issue and the team is looking into it.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Please keep an eye on this thread for more info and news.
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twice it just killed me off in the middle of the competition but not even in a game

The meat grinder is just so…ruthless :smiley:

Newesr bug is not award anything at end of game

My opinion: the Game needs more new cards. New Gamemodes (2v2,…), new Events (last survive Hero and the other Events were good ideas. Please add more new Events). If you don’t have more Ideas for new content, you can ask the people, who joined the community​:+1::hugs::muscle::handshake: