The event survival

Hello, regarding the event (survival) and some will agree with me, that there is a great difficulty to pass the level above all levels of 20 up, for example that my minions are not at the level of those of the event (survival ) What are much older, an example my fire imp can not burn the skeletons as soon as they leave because the skeletons are at a higher level they should have matched a single level do not you think?

I agree, it should be scaled to your account but i think that would be too much work, I think this event is for high level players to keep them coming back.

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I had the same problem with the fire imp, but i like it because i was forced to think about other solutions. My minions are level 8 top (and a lot in level 7 or less), not legendaries (only used inmortal knight on one level but maybe it was not neccesary) and i was able to complete the 25 levels. Of course i needed to really think my strategy and took me a lot of time and try after try in order to learn the patterns and know the timing to use my minions. But it was super rewarding at the end. The solution for one player will depend on the minions and levels that you have, but it was always possible. Of course the higher level of minions, the less you need to think and try. Of couse i can not say what happen with players with minion levels lower than mine, but i think a free to play player has no problems to have minions level 7 or 8.

We don’t all have the same cards, we don’t all have the same levels, nor do we all have the same time

That is what i said. The solutions and the amount of time that you need to spend thinking about your strategy will change from player to player. You are right and i understand your point, but they need to find the sweet spot where is challenging and still possible for everyone. I do not think making the levels different for each player is an option, but let see.