Strong minions (and why)

Nature guardian - this guy has damage, splash, hp, cc and range. It offers too much and has no real counter (except 40 range)! Even by itself it’s hard to deal with, more so when there’s an unit in front of it. Practically forces the opponent to use damage spell.
Bloodstaker - still grows a little too easily while having reasonable stats even without absorbing blood.
Soul leech - grows too easily and too big for a 4 mana card.
Revenant - has more damage, hp and speed than juggernaut at 10. Having speed and strong splash damage it doesn’t really have a counter (at high cost) besides being versatile. It should deal just enough damage to kill skeletons at 3 mana and get around 400 hp per mana.
Hellfiend - can be summoned anywhere, even on the enemy portal. Can be used to kill swarms on offense or defence, kill ranged units, attack enemy portal directly, allows you to immediately summon units from the middle if placed from that point forward. Too reliable in basically any situation. I’d make it only be able to be summoned up to the middle so it’d be more of a defensive option, less reliable everywhere and so that his low speed actually matters.
Mountain giant - extremely useful and reliable. Since it has quite a bit of hp and can summon a lot of units I feel like he should have his attack reduced by a bit.
Viper - 15% poison seems a bit too fast. Something like 10-12% would allow it to kill the big enemy in acceptable time and for a cheap cost while still punishing you with some damage if it got too close to the portal.

  1. Nature guardian - Yeh he is Powerfull but he is Legend! So fixing can be little less stun duration.
    2)Bloodstalker isnt problem now (In pvp) his problem is play stile (Valean) and powerfull Mountain Gigant
  2. Revenant - His problem is “long range”, bc is difficul conter him for exaple by Viper
    4)Hellfriedn is absolutly OK, Problem is in Spirit Call
    5)Mountain Gigat - In this moment most unbalanced minion
    6)Viper- ? Hmm Now has key possicion bc of boosted Abomination. So nerfing him boost "Beast like Abomina… etc.
  3. You missing 1 insane minion = Doppelganger, Pleas increas his cost at 3 (minimum)
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1- Nature guardian is a ranged minion with 700 attack, 1900 health and CC at 5. I’d rather not mess with CC since that’s his thing but the rest needs a nerf since the only real counter is 40 range (or make him 20 range).
2 - It’d need to be harder to spam units then (or to keep them alive)
3 - His problem is long range? He is kinda fast though? Not sure what u meant.
4 - He is so versatile he fits in basically every deck as a 6 mana damage spell. I’d rather he be less reliable at so much stuff so that other cards see more play.
5 - Kinda yeah.
6 - It’d just change from killing in up to 7s to killing in up to 8-10s. Wouldn’t make him unviable, just punish you a bit more if the big enemy is too close to your portal (The price for cheap removal).
7 - Yeah doppelganger is kinda strong (except vs the swarm decks). Didn’t mention it since it might be controversial but the fact that abomination is playable just pushed this cards usefulness.

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Yep, NG is too strong, barely has any counter, low mana cost, etc… maybe he should cost 6 mana. Why Soul leech costs only 4 mana is also beyond me…