Strange spells uploadin

just wonder why Ice Spears uploadin faster than Scorched Earth, when both has 35s cooldown
heres the little video

Scorched Earth has 40 sec cooldown…

but i see, Meteor Strike(40s) and Scorched Earth(35s) uploadin in same time…so somethin wrong there

You are right mine is showing 35 aswell but im certain it has always been 40, you’r gonna have to wait for an official reply.

Hey nervous,

Ice Spears and Scorched Earth have different starting cooldowns. :slight_smile:

Ice Spears’ starting cooldown is 15 seconds, while Scorched Earth and Meteor Strike’s starting cooldowns are 20 seconds.

Regular cooldowns don’t have fixed starting cooldowns, so they can vary depending on the Hero/Spell.

@Zarzo - Yep, Scorched Earth’s cooldown was 40, but it was changed to 35 with the November Spell re-balance.

You can check cooldown timers in the Xarlan Bot channel on Discord. :slight_smile:


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@Valen Can you make a request to add starting cd and add damage numbers to evolutions? It is a much needed change.