Srochno ! akkaunt zablokirovan!

Good evening, Dear developers, I ask you to consider my application !!! My account, for half a year, is not clear in what status, my nickname is XPNCTOC, I play with some bots, you don’t give real players at all, for some unknown reason !!! I played honestly, donated, and for no good reason ended up in some kind of black list. I have already written to you several times, and all without result, but why such an attitude, you can check my account and solve this problem! I think if you were in such a situation, you would, at least, not be pleased, and when they don’t even want to figure it out, it goes overboard. There is no interest in playing with bots. Many do not play fair and are not blocked, they continue to play. I hope for your understanding and honesty. I ask you to consider my application and take action! Waiting for your reply.

Good afternoon.I want to know from you on what basis I was banned in the game Heroic.My nick name in the game VeTTaLL,I played for the REBELS guild.I always played honestly without any cheats and so on,I never used it.The ban happened about 3 months ago and without or any explanations.I ask you to review my account and give atleast some answer.The game is interesting and i would like to continue playung.Thanks in advance! I will wait for an answer.