Spending Gold or Gems is not a Quest

Can we please fix this in the quests. How is it that spending Gold (buy chests) and Gems is in any form a Quest. That is ridiculous.
In this age microtransactions are a big controversy and the developers of Heroic are not helping to fix this issue…

Please think of a other quest to add to the 28-day quest.


I agree, I’m starting to smell greed, I saw an offer to buy Fire Witch for gems which basically equalled £40 to buy… during an event which Fire Witch is very useful, bit scummy.

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Yes exactly! The deals are scummy

This needs to be up there more is redicoulous that these are apart of quests that should be free to play friends not hey give us money if you want to get that “free” legendary at the end of the month


Why the same diamonds but the half rewards


Talking about scummy deals… What about the Last Hero Standing Limited offer? Now only the people that pay top cash can get mythic cards and resources. The mythic minions and resources never come on free to play chests. This means that now the player that pay has clear advantage over free to play users. Before the player that pays had the only advantage that he/she will level up faster than free users, which is understandable. But now they have another layer of advantage. Pay users are getting cards and resources only available in buying chests. No matter how much a free to play users plays, he/she will never get this amount of cards or resources. Congratulation developers, you just made your game pay to win.

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I agree, I was so excited when I first opened the game and saw limited offers that could easily be ignored. Now the developers got greedy…
And the new cast mechanics killed the game…