Sound issues with bt headset

Hi there,

Not sure if this is an isolated issue or not but when i use my BT headset connected to my android hp, there is no sound. Tested with youtube and sound works.
Once i turn headset off, the sound comes out from hp speakers.


Hi KS, thanks for getting in touch!
After connecting your BT headset, could you please try turning off the sound/music in Profile - Settings and then turning it back on and confirm whether it works?
If not, could you please share your user ID and device details with me in a private message so we can look into it further? I don’t believe we’ve had similar reports so far, so having those details would certainly help us with the troubleshooting.

Hi there,
I have tried both bt headset and wired headset. Both had no sound. Toggling the settings sound/music switch didn’t work.

Once I plug out/dc bt headset sound comes out from hp speakers.

User id: 2rrvtihmlg
Device: xiaomi 9T pro

Hi KS, thanks so much for the details and confirmation.
We’re not sure yet why that is happening. I’ve forwarded all the info to our devs. Seems to be a difficult issue to replicate due to its uniqueness, but the team is troubleshooting it on our end. In the meantime it would help if you could confirm the following:

  • Does this happen with the sound in other games too or only with Heroic?
  • Have you tried reinstalling the game? If not, we’d recommend it, just make sure your Heroic account is connected to Google Play Games before doing so to make sure your progress is saved and easily recoverable. You can do that in Profile - Settings below the Google Play icon.
    Thank you for your help and apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.
    Have a nice day,

Hey Noella,
issue has been resolved with a recent hp firmware update.
Thanks for the responses.

Hi KS, glad to hear it has been solved. Thanks for writing back to let us know!
Have a great day!