Some things how improve game

  1. Competitions rewards.
    I am not sure why you promote 20pp when only 10 has some rewards. For me as player is terrible things when i don’t get some chest and what’s worst, you send me nex week’s fight against better opponents!
  2. Guild leader tools
    Pleas add some tools to check aktivity of your members. Like last online
  3. Any possibility to earn GEMS without credits cards.
    Maybe add it for all 20 Competition :slight_smile: . Of bc you want some profit you can’t give too much I understand but make some way how to get it without real money.
  4. Stone and essences
    Maybe I don’t find it but I never can’t see all my currency. Means shard’s, essence etc. Why it isnt when I am in collection Tab? Now is hard find information ab numbers of my currency’s.

Thanks when for reading this and hope you will thing ab my opinion. Your player Frankensteijn (Švejka)

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Hey Frankenstejn, thanks so much for the great feedback! We’ve forwarded it to the team!

To answer your question about gems - you can collect them from Free, Victory and Battle chests! Occasionally, we might have events that can win you gems. Hog’s Treasure Hoard chest is also a great way to earn them - you’ll need a predetermined amount of gems to open it, but you get even more gems in return. You can find this chest in the Shop.

The info about your current amount of shards/runes/essence etc. can be seen in the Collection tab when you click on a Hero/Spell/Minion in the upper part of the screen, but it doesn’t show all currencies, only those that are relevant for the selected unit. We’ll let the team know that it would be good to have all that information in one place.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us and keep the feedback coming! :slight_smile:

Your Heroic - Magic Duel Team

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Another think what I found and could be good is:
When you click on the chest some information button about % of cards rewards. Means what creatures “card” can gets from 3h arena 6 chest and what’s % chances is for getting them.
Hope you understand me :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding player Frankenstejn

Hi Frankenstejn, great suggestion, we’ve passed it along! If you have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it! :slight_smile:

Your Heroic - Magic Duel Team