Some Minion Suggestions

I know there are several minion types. They are strong with their cons and pros. After I played the game for 2 months, a few ideas came up to my mind and I’d like to share them with you. These are my minion ideas:

  • Crimson Leasher: This minion has an ability which is leashing the enemy minion. Once its came up from the portal, it will leash the closest minion and when the Crimson Leasher is alive, that enemy minion will serve for you. But the leashed minion will lose its health in time.
  • Mind Pusher: Once this minion came up, every enemy minions will go back on that lane for 2-3 seconds.
  • Sadistic Succubus: She can make enemy minions hit each other for once or twice (not affective for minnion groups)
  • HellFrog: This giant frog is bouncing in certain times and deals AoE damage.
  • Harpies: They have the same mechanich with phase assassin. They are fliying and untouchable until they attack the first enemy. One harpy kidnaps the enemy minion and flies. The other harpy continues to fight on the ground.(2 harpies for 1 lane)

These are my opinions. Thank you for reading.

Today I think of a new type of a minion. I want to add that because I don’t like the unnecessary space in my memory.
Fog Hunter : just like hellfiend you can use it in any part of a lane, but you only have to use it in your own half. A small fog cloud occurs in the area where Fog Hunter is used, and the enemy minions in this fog cloud, they cannot damage for 2 seconds, meaning that they miss. After 2 seconds, the fog cloud disappears.
Fog hunter deals damage to one target and the damage is average. İts hp is low. Bu the main thing is the fog which is made by him. Every enemy minion will miss who is in that fog.

Here is an other minion idea but its familiar:

Centaur: It has similar mechanics with the Charger. After a few seconds, Centaur will be in charge mode and its speed will accelerate, it will deal massive aoe damage to the first opponent and if he kills the enemy/enemies, he will continue to advance at the charge mode/max speed. If he cannot kill the enemy, he will put both himself and his enemy into stun state. (as you think, the Centaur is similar to Charger but Charger is more capable against individual ranged units. Centaur is more capable against hordes)