Some game balance

I’ve played the game for some days now and I was really enjoying it before I encountered the Shadow Huntress for the first time…It’s a complete nightmare dealing with this creature, she does tons of damage, fires multiple arrows in a row and even pushes back my minion while they attempt to slaughter her. I have just 800 trophies, but early on the cards is a little too much op. I suggest lowering the attack damage or getting rid of the pushback effect

Nope she is ok dude just push minions on other line and after they are reach her place summon minion on her line in front of her she has low hp so it is easy ))

Shadow Huntress is so week, No-one play it at high lvl. Normal skeleton at the same lvl defeat her.

Yeah, I thought the problem was only for beginners. Facing her with low level minions is something frustrating, especially the the opponent drops 2 or even 3. Normal skeleton don’t even touch her, she’s too quick at starter levels. It’s a bit frustrating