Solution to tanking and event type suggestion

Hi, the problem with the game right now is your events give way more rewards than the battle arenas and the rewards are the same no matter what level you currently are at. By level, i mean where in the tower of legends your standing is.

Right now your Tower of legends has 4 levels: Drifting Abyss, Brawler’s colosseum, Hero’s trial, Immortal grounds.
Whenever you do an event you should get more rewards depending on your current standings in the tower.

1- I would add more levels to the Tower of legends because there’s too much a difference sometimes in the same level.
2- i would give more events rewards depending on your Tower of Legends standing.

So if a very strong player decides to stay in the Brawlers colosseum level wins most of his battle his rewards would still not be worth it for someone of his level.
For example, Last hero standing event if you’re in the drifting abyss level you can win 50 phoenix points maximum but if you are in the Hero’s trial level you can win 500 phoenix points maximum…

Also, why not have a 2vs2 or 3vs3 event where we are randomly associated to other players?
again this would help against tanking because if someone tanks that person could be teamed up with very low level players.
And I think a 2vs2 players duel would be cool :slight_smile:

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Very good advice. If we don’t distinguish rewards, senior characters have no motivation at all, and they can’t compete with very junior players. They can deal with very simple computers very quickly, while we can deal with players and senior computers. I’ll show you the screenshots of the first hour of flag grabbing. All of them are 6.7-level players occupying the leaderboard. It’s really wordless.

In any case, at least under 3400 and over 3400 shall be divided into two parts. In this way, every time the top 50 in the world are novice trumpets, don’t officials think it’s funny? We can’t score less than 3400, but if we score less than 3400, they can get a good reward. Who would like to come up??? This is really a bad and unfair setting!

for sure!
They should definitely separate low level players and high level players in these events.