Solution how fix OP minion Mountain Giant

Hi developers after more than 1/2 year can say Yes this minion is OP. But have I idea how fix this, and hope its good for all players= Minions keep strong but not **** :smiley:
So solution is= Why Rolling Rocks jump xy years/meters forwards? Why they dont jumb behind the Mountain Giant? So thats the point jump behind!

Bc now dosnt exist any minion who can counter it. Only Mithic Lord Sumrak" but its good point.
when you did these change Counter can be Amazon and lot of more (jugernaut) insted 1 mythic

Bc whats bullsh*t now I need 2 minin to counter 1 minion for 5 mana! Thats crazy

Ok so thanks for reading this comunity managers/Noela/Developers.
Player Frankenstejn