Simple changes that we need now

I know there is a big update incoming but there are so many things that can be improved so easily right now:

  • Add short but detailed information description for every spell evolution and special minions abilities (some are very vague)
  • Allow chat with friends connected
  • Let us click player profile in the battle history window, instead of having to search for the player clan and then search for the player in the clan
  • Let us request and download replays, even if its only available for the first 5 or 10 minutes after a match
  • Give us a way to dispose excess cards, maybe something like burning 50 commons for 1 random rare
  • Add surrender option for regular pvp matches if the trophy difference is too high
  • Add option to continue practice matches after they end with 0 life
  • Make AI for practice matches harder, currently it has 0 challenge, even for testing stuff
  • Remove overtime wins as a quest, it only promotes people dropping trophies on purpose to finish it
  • Increase clan name space limit a bit to allow color codes for medium size names
  • Bring back 3, 8 and 12 hour chests while keeping the current gem price for unlocking them
  • Give youtubers and your own comunity managers something to speak about, they have nothing to show or talk about except the same regular pvp matches week after week, this applies to heroic facebook page aswell, all they do is ask the same redundant questions like wich minion you prefer over and over again (sorry if i sound a little too harsh but its the truth)

Other things that really need to improve and hopefully will be adressed with next patch:

  • More game modes for both solo and cooperative
  • More deck customization (top players all using same heroes and minions)
  • Buff underperforming skills and heroes instead of nerfing the same thing over and over again
  • Consider adding support for pc, so people dont have to resort to heavily resource consuming mobile emulators and to bring more people into the game

I want this game to be amazing, but in all the time i’ve played not much has changed, the opinion of players has been ignored, and some changes have made more harm than good, i really hope devs can be more in touch with what the community wants and needs.

Sorry for the big wall of text
Best regards


I agree 100%. Since I was bored, I deleted the account 3 times and started again. As you said, as the number of trophies increases, the strategies used by the players start to look alike. As such, the game does not have any fun. However, you are also quite right that the developers are not listening to players or bringing their opinions and thoughts to life. Many minion suggestions and balancing ideas have been proposed by many players, but I think the developers insist on acting according to their own plan.


Nailed it. Mine would be:
Increase rewards from chests. I have 15 characters to lvl up with a seemingly impossible amount of resources to get w/o buying (I get it, but let’s be real)

Why level up characters anyways? A lvl 8 vs lvl 9 rolling rocks etc just cancel each other out. Wtf

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Yes, there is also the problem that you get stuck in this game very fast, you can literally spend half a year just to get your hero from lvl 5 to 6 unless you pay.

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