Placing revenant, exactly when silver ranger is shooting, he gets killed immediately.
Let me try to explain better:

So like you now revenant mana level 1 has smaller health than silver ranger lvl 7 attack damage. So even if you put revenant with 12 mana, he will get killed from silver ranger in one shot, because he has no time to multiply his health and damage, and this only happens when you put him exactly at the moment silver ranger shoots, because his arrow is still flying and revenant get shot with it.

I have video recorded, but videos are not allowed to post here, only pictures so i cant upload it here.

There are some cards that require good timing (especially when dealing with long range attacks). I don’t think this revenant thing will be changed.

It’s the same with every other card.For example, doppleganger can be killed before it gets to change form. Fire Witch can be killed before she casts her entrance spell. Bloodfiend before it gets to suck up all the blood. Ice imp before it freezes the enemy minions. So… shortly, this isn’t a bug. It’s actual game mechanics. :stuck_out_tongue: