Request for help

Hello. My name is Andrey. Account name Fierce, guild Rebels.
It is my fifth attempt to get an answer.
It is more then 1,5 month have passed since my first contact with you from official support service form ( Caces 943179, 946683 and 951378. Also I sent 2 mesages to Google play
support gave me this e-mail address as correct for contact. I never received any answer to the question why my account was disconnected from the game. I really like this game, I always played honestly and did not violated any rules. I also spent about $ 3,500 on this game. The account was disabled without any explanation. I did not receive any response at all. I have been playing mobile games for more than 10 years and in in none of the games have I met such an attitude towards me.
I found out that all guild members was banned due to suspected cheating. But I have never used cheats or something illegal in any of the games. Also I never used referal system. And I have zero tolerance for cheaters. I’m always paying real money to get all benefits and enjoyment from game.
Please explain me what I did wrong? What clauses of terms of service have I violated? What else should I do get account back?
If you have any questions, just ask.
Best wishes, Fierce


Hi Fierce,

Thank you for getting in touch, sorry for the delay. We will look into this and reach out to you via Direct Message with a follow up.

Best regards,


My I’d is lost help me my user name is Elite Devil Hunt and my Guild Elite Indians

Halp me