Reinatalling game?

Hello, i want to remove game from iphone and put it back. Have like 370MB of game and over 900 of other stuff game related. Is it safe to do it?
Dont want to lose all game i have

Tnx in advance

You can reinstall, no problem. Your account is not saved on your device.

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You don’ t have to reinstal. You can delete your account from the options

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Idea is nit to permanently quit game. Just to release some space from game data :slight_smile: im not interested to start over.

You can delete everything in your machine, but if you want to continue playing, do not delete it in the game, it will not be recovered.

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Hi! Just make sure your Heroic account is linked to your Game Center/Google Play Games account in Settings before reinstalling and you’ll have no issues with loading your progress. :slight_smile: If you have any additional questions, let me know. Cheers!


tnx. worked well. reinstalled it and all good now

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