Question about balance

Question: do you people even employ a balance team? Seriously you have cards that are SO broken that it’s near impossible to play against. Fire Witch is beyond broken. It’s an instant board clear for them. No spell can even do that. Abomination at anything above level 6(what the card starts at) takes too much to kill(unless you have aforementioned Fire Witch). Start a new account…get to around 2-3k and see what broken card you have created. Lord Suramak might need a small tweak down in power but he is not broken like FIRE WITCH.

My friend, game doesnt even start before 4k. For Fire Witch you can use Frost Imp, Pixie or Hellfiend to cancel her channel. I love when the enemy put his hopes on her its so easy to stop it. For Abomination you can use Viper, Doppelganger, Pixie (she has to die to not wake him again) or a combination of cards & spells. Good luck.

Fire Watch is nonsense, Rhiis power kills her lots. I can’t even play my witch because she takes to long to proc. What you talking about with Abomination? Just send some skeleton warriors at an abomination then use special. You sounds noob to me. What do you want?, all cards too be weak? Go get yourself an abomination then, if you can’t, get a doppelrganger, or even a viper and stop your crying. If you hate the card and don’t want to play it or dont want to fight against it, build a rush deck. I hope these noob cries don’t get the game nerfed for these kids.

Spells have cooldown why dont you when to use her when they are on cooldown…sounds like a noob to me.

Yeah, so save your spells. Do you have witch? Do you use witch? I used her and half the time I use her, GOOD players disable her fireballs, then she is useless. So i don’t even bother playing her because it’s risky to waste 9 Mana not knowing if she going to be disabled. If you do have her and she is so OP, then use her and stop asking for Nerf. Until you actually use her you will not see that she is not as strong as you think. I beat players who use her, yes she is annoying but annoying for you is fun for your opponent.