Quest system gives you an event daily even if lives are 0

I already played the event a lot, got to 2nd place in global ranking, but my lives are now gone, and now I suddenly got a daily saying “play an event match”. This is frustrating, because now I pretty much have to waste 50 gems on a new set of 5 lives that I will only use to play a single match. If I don’t do that, I cannot complete today’s dailies, and then I also cannot complete my 7-day quests.

Well that is unfair, it is coldly calculated

They have to leave us play without lives, at least to get individual leaderboard rewards and leave the lifes system only for competition.

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Yes, I think that would be better. Always allow people to queue matches, but only have them count for leaderboards if the player still has lives. The normal reward track should be completable without lives also. Just group and global leaderboards, the competitive aspect, should be lives based.

Also, the event must be for fun, not only competition, and if you can play without lives, you can try different strategies for instance. But if you have a bad start you lose your lifes and you cant play anymore unless you pay ( gems is pay system, let’s be fear). But Its okey battle pass for those people who reach the last rewards and want more rewards (and the game have to make money, obviusly).

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