Problem in crew

Hi Dear

I have a problem with the crew. There is an active challenge that I can not stop or cancel, and I can not do anything, so that no one can accept the challenge and play with me. This situation has continued since yesterday.
To see what happened with me … My name is in the game prestige man
The crew name … superknight

Anyone who enters will find the active challenge … Please, I want a quick solution …


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Hi prestigeman,

We’re sorry to hear about this. Have you tried re-installing Heroic? Please connect your device to your account and re-install - let us know if that does the trick.

Thanks for playing Heroic,


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welcome brother

I did it more than once but it is not useful
Can anyone take me out of the crew ??

I think it’s the right solution

=( how we can be sure to give info…any badge prove it