Problem 2 account

practically it happens that I am in possession in 2 phones with the same apple ID, but different game center … my intent was to use another account for Heroic Magic Duel, only that it copied me the same profile and now if I try it to delete tells me that all my ato will be permanently deleted and consequently I’m afraid of losing all the data on my account. I was wondering if it was possible to introduce a disconnect button so that I could connect as a “new user” such as is present in the Top Eleven game.

I have the same problem. My 2nd account. I can’t access it for over 150 days. I get no response from tech support. They closed the original help request, but had not solved the problem. Need a way you can log in with alternate accounts.


I’m told they don’t have a solution for this case.

Would be nice if they told me that instead of ignoring me

It would have been nice if they had informed me of the fact.