Please help please help me!

Campaign 140. I’ve Google it I’ve done everything I cannot do this stupid stage. I get close untill they take the freaking minions away so annoying I’m about to throw this phone throw the freaking wall!

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Hello there :slight_smile:
You need to level up your equipment stats, you need to have minion power as much high as possible to be able to kill it :slight_smile:

When you click on i, it will display the statistics of the equipment, there you can see how much minion power you have, and in these rounded cards you can find minion power, play a level that is easier for you to collect dust and level up the cards, so you can find minion power and cross the level :slight_smile:
Let me know if you succeeded :slight_smile:

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It says they are Maxed

Can you send pic with Equipment stats like me?

Wow mine does suck wtf lol

You can do better. Do you have minion power in the first, third, fourth and sixth cards?

No only 2 of the 4 Are the other two only got if maxxed?

You have to find them, level multiple cards and you will find them. You can find it in cards that i told you.

I don’t have those cards =(

How did you get 3 star ones?

Thanks you I finally beat it after I got what you told me.

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How do I beat the final stage now? Which minions and strategy?

You have levels on YouTube :slight_smile: