Please help! Broken device, cannot reach my account

My iPhone was broken, I got a new one now. Unfortunately I cannot reach my account; if I choose „connect with facebook“ there always occurs „your account is already connected with another“

Hi shadow2505, thanks for reaching out. Facebook connection is there only for social purposes (in-game friends) so it’s not possible to recover your account through Facebook. To recover it you need to log in to Heroic through your Google Play Games/Game Center account if you had it linked to your Heroic account. Try loading your old progress through Settings in Heroic by tapping on the “Connect” button below Google Play Games/Game Center icon. That should give you the option to load your old account. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll share more info on alternatives.
Best regards,

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I think the account was not linked go game center (ios/iphone). Is there and other possibilty go recover it? I spent lots of time and money🙈

I’m sending you a direct message with further steps, please check your inbox. :wink: