Pleas Nerf Noella

She has too powerful spell (Ice Spear and Ice Rift).
Why its too powerful? For full power of these spell don’t need high hero lvl!
Whats worst, is that it’s dmging gate! Here is no ways how protect gate when you has low HP. Its always kill you.
And last still CD faster than the other.
Paradox is that other her spell is trash! Whats ab buff RARE/EPIC spell and nerf common bro?
Mainly Epic spell is underpowered :frowning:
Sorry but after 10 match arrow against the same hero with same spell is frustrating!!

Thx for some reason how to solve :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Frankenstejn! We’re regularly re-balancing the game and rely on the feedback from our community, so this means a lot! Keep it coming :slightly_smiling_face: