Part 9 - Challenges - Intro & Rewards


Challenges is another feature available to all players from the very start. Challenges require a specific action from players in order to be completed and represent a guide on what to do next. There are 200 challenges that need to be completed and claimed one by one in succession.

Completing different challenges will give you one of the following one-off rewards:

  • Campaign Candles
  • Orbs
  • Equipment of specified rank and rarity
  • Artifacts of specified rank and rarity
  • Different currencies (Gold, Gems, Runes)
  • Phoenix Tokens
  • Premium chest
  • Minions of specified rarity

Note: Any challenge you’re unable to complete because you’ve already performed that action (i.e. Join a Guild or complete a Campaign Chapter) will be autocompleted and you’ll receive the rewards.