Part 7 - Tower of Ascension - Season, Glory, Ascensions and Boosts


Tower of Ascension is the feature that represents the main seasonality in Heroic and reflects a true mark of skill.

Seasonality and Tiers

A Tower of Ascension Season lasts 28 days and is divided into 4 weeks. Once a season has begun, every Monday you will be either promoted, demoted or stay in your Tier. Top players in their Gauntlet get to claim mid-season chest rewards every Monday. Only the top players in your Gauntlet are promoted to the next Tier. By progressing through Tiers, you unlock more options for Ascension.

These are the Tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Glory and Minion Ascensions

Each win during the Season, from Battle Arenas and Campaign to successful ranking in events, wins you Glory. Maximize your Glory stash by excelling across different game modes and events. There’s a cap on how much Glory you can earn from Battle Arenas and Campaign: 60 per day. Day ends and the cap resets at midnight of the region in which you registered. Your Glory automatically converts to Ascension points which you can use to make Minions of your choice stronger for one season through Ascensions.

Minion Ascensions are alternations that improve a Minion but without changing its core function or strategic role. Each ascension costs 1, 2 or 3 Ascension points and Minions from the same World are connected through ascension branches. To ascend a Minion further on a branch, you’ll have to ascend the previous Minions. Active Minion Ascensions can be reset with 50 gems, if there are no active Ascension later on the same branch.

Ascensions and Ascension Tree are reset every season (every 28 days) changing the constellation of ascensions and which Minions can be ascended and how.

Weekly Boosts

Every week, Minions from one of the three worlds will have a health and damage boost of 5 %.
The last week of a season, Minions from all three worlds have the same boost.

Note: Ascensions and boosts apply to all battles across different modes and events.