Part 6 - Campaign - Intro & Tips


Campaign is a solo PvE (Player vs Environment) mode where you can:

  • Explore the characters and history of Eldonia
  • Unlock and collect Heroes, their Spells, Equipment and Artifacts, Glory points from victories, and other valuable resources

To enter the Campaign you need to dive into the books. Every book consists of 5 chapters, each chapter following a story of one of the Heroes. By completing each chapter made of 10 levels you unlock valuable rewards and the next chapter.

Each chapter has 10 levels where you’ll have to survive waves of enemies, outrun the timer to destroy enemy Portals, or defeat Bosses before the timer runs out while ensuring your Portal survives.

To start a Campaign battle you’ll need 1 Candle per try. Candles are a Campaign-exclusive energy system that recharges over time if you have less than the indicated cap (base limit is 10 Candles).

Orbs are used to auto-complete already completed levels and reclaim rewards from that level. They are not capped and they can be collected throughout the Campaign or purchased from the Shop.

Tip 1: Make sure to check out who your frequent enemy is before entering the battle, adjust your deck accordingly and increase your Deck Power when needed by powering/leveling up your collection. This will allow you to complete Campaign levels more easily!
Tip 2: Equipment gives important, strong bonuses, so level them up and sell any items you don’t need to collect Forging Dust used for leveling up.