Part 5 - Equipment & Artifacts

Equipment will give you a range of powerful bonuses in all PvE modes and events, such as Campaign or Boss Raid. These items boost your Minion Power, Portal Health, Spell Power, and many more stats. Level them up to increase their primary stats and add secondary stats for even more benefits. These are Hero-specific, so on the deck screen you’ll be able to see the Equipment for the selected Hero. Each color represents a Hero, so if you want to see the entire collection, head to the Collection screen.

Artifacts are also collected through the Campaign and PvE events such as Boss Raid, but they are used to boost specific Minions, Spells and other stats in your PvP battles only, such as Battle Arenas or Last Hero Standing. Collect and choose up to 4 Artifacts. Each individual stat on an Artifact affects only one type of Minion, so make sure to match them with your deck type and strategy.

What’s the difference between Equipment and Artifacts?

Equipment Minion and Spell bonuses apply to all Minions/Spells in the current deck and is used only in PvE modes.

Unlike Equipment, Artifacts can be wielded by any Hero. They don’t give bonuses to all Minions/Spells in deck, but rather to specific assets (Minion/Spell/Portal…). They are used only in PvP modes.

Types of Equipment/Artifacts, Rarity, Rank

Equipment and Artifacts vary in rarity from common and rare to epic and legendary, which determines the number of secondary stats an item has. The higher the rarity, the bigger the number of starting stats and hense the strength of the item. The max number of stats an item can have is 4.

Primary stat of different Equipment/Artifact is defined per Equipment/Artifact slot.


  • Main hand Equipment boosts Minion Power
  • Off-hand Equipment boosts Minion Ability
  • Head Equipment boosts Spell Power
  • Chest Equipment boosts Portal Health
  • Waist Equipment boosts Siege Damage
  • Feet Equipment boosts Portal Regeneration


  • Fragments of Strength boost specific Minion Stats
  • Fragments of Skill boost specific Minion Abilities
  • Fragments of Constitution boost Portal Health
  • Fragments of Power boost specific Spell Power

Each piece of Equipment/Artifact can be leveled up with Forging Dust to increase their primary stat and add/increase their secondary stat(s).

Rank (stars) determines the stats starting point and potential. Artifacts range from 3 to 5 stars, while Equipment can have from 1 to 5 stars.

The Equipment min and max level ranges will vary based on rank of the Equipment in the following way:

  • Rank 1: 1-7
  • Rank 2: 4-10
  • Rank 3: 7-13
  • Rank 4: 10-16
  • Rank 5: 13-20

The Artifact min and max level ranges will vary based on rank of the Artifact in the following way:
* Rank 3: 1-7
* Rank 4: 4-10
* Rank 5: 7-13