Part 2 - Battle Arenas - Intro, Player Profile, Chests


Battle Arenas is the primary battle feature where players face each other in battle. By winning battles you earn trophies and progress on the Battle Arenas milestones. Collecting trophies is how you reach predetermined milestones where you unlock new features and earn valuable resources (Gold, Runes, Gems, Phoenix Tokens and Featured Minions), as well as unlock new Arenas and chances to get new Minions from those Arenas.

Once you unlock a feature, it will stay unlocked even if you go back to an inferior number of trophies. The rewards and contents can only be claimed once. The only exception are Runes, Gold and Phoenix Tokens in Legendary Arenas (3400+ :trophy:) that can be claimed once during each Legendary Arena League.

Each won battle gives you a certain number of trophies depending on your current Arena level and the difference in strength between you and your opponent. You also get a Battle Arena chest with rewards from your current Arena and previously unlocked ones. The higher the Arena, the greater the rewards!

Additionally, all players who have unlocked the Tower of Ascension feature at 1000 trophies earn another resource from victories in Battle Arenas and Campaign - Glory. Glory is a resource that can be put towards Minion Ascensions in the Tower of Ascension. More on that in the Tower of Ascension section.

By reaching 3400+ trophies on the Battle Arena Milestones you’re entering the Legendary Arenas (Arena 9+) and Legendary Arena Leagues. These are biweekly leagues where the best Heroic players compete by racking up trophies and climbing up the Global and Local Leaderboards. Every two weeks the League resets and all players within the Legendary Arenas have their trophy count reset to 3400 and receive their corresponding rewards depending on the max number of trophies reached during that League.

Battle History

If you want to watch a replay of one of your previous battles, go to the Player Profile, scroll down to Battle History and choose the battle that you’d like to see. This can help you improve your skills and spot opportunities to outplay your opponent by casting different Minions/Spells. You can also speed it up or pause it.

Player Profile

The Player Profile is the place where you can:

  • Change your username and avatar badge
  • See your current account experience and level
  • Check your current Gauntlet in the Tower of Ascension Season
  • See your current Arena and trophy count in the Legendary Arena Leagues
  • Pick three badges to feature on the matchmaking screen
  • See all badges and which ones you have unlocked
  • Look who your Top Minions are
  • Replay battles through the Battle History section
  • Find stats on Total number of Victories, all-time Max Trophies, Number of unlocked Minions, and Total Donations
  • See what Guild you’re a member of
  • Set your Profile to private so other players can’t see these stats; if this is active, you won’t be able to view other players’ profiles
  • Open Settings

Battle Arena Chests

You earn Battle Chests from winning battles. You have 4 slots available for these types of chests. If all slots are occupied, you won’t earn new chests if you win a battle.

There are different ways to unlock your Battle Chests:

  • Start the timer
  • Use Ferrum (Referral Points) to open them immediately
  • Use Gems to open them immediately

There are three types of Battle Chests:

  • Simple Chest
  • Artisan Chest
  • Deluxe Chest

Chest Queuing

One of the perks given on VIP is Chest Queuing, which allows players to queue a Battle Arena Chest that will start opening automatically when the timer of the previous one is over. Any type of Battle Chest can be queued, but you can queue only one chest.

Free Chests

Once every 4 hours you get a Free Chest. It generates automatically and you can stack up multiple Free Chests at the same time. You can find these in the bottom right corner on the World Map.

Victory Track

Victory Track contains 14 Victory Chests and refreshes every 14 days. One Victory Chest becomes available for unlocking each day of the Legendary Arena League which matches the Victory Track duration. To open it up, you need to win 8 battles in Battle Arena, Capture the Flag or Colossus Awakening; Campaign, other events and friendly battles do not count.