Part 12 - Social Features 📣


You can add in-game friends through their Player Profile by tap on Add Friend in the upper right corner. When a player accepts your friend request, you’ll be able to see t hem in your Friends list, chat with t hem 1:1 and challenge them to a duel.

Friends list is accessible from the main screen by tapping on (icon) in the bottom part.


You can play friendly matches by challenge to a battle a player from your Friends list accessible through the left part of the World Map. There you’ll see a list of players:

  • who you added and have as in-game friends (maximum number of in-game friends is 60)
  • who you invited to join the game as well as the person who invited you
  • who are your Facebook friends and play Heroic, if your Heroic account is connected to your Facebook profile

You can unfriend a player by tapping on the Remove button on their Profile screen. Facebook friends and referrals cannot be removed from the friends list.

Friendly battle victories don’t bring rewards nor trophies, but they help you test your decks, improve your skill set and have fun.